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Dentistry is our profession, but people are our focus - enjoy the beauty of a healthy smile! Creating the healthy smile you want through science and compassionate care.

Gentle Dental Care

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Count on us to provide the right care and advice to improve your current dental health and partner with you on an ongoing customized care routine just for you!

At Dental Now 14 you come first. We want every one of our patients to have a confident smile knowing that their dental health is our main priority. We currently have nearly 24,000 patients who choose us as a leading dental provider  in Norcross

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Partner with us on your dental health and prevent costly dental nightmares.

Start by establishing care and setting up your initial appointment with one of our talented receptionists. They can be reached by emailing us at (email address) or calling us at (number). Once we establish your care, we will partner with you on a customized at-home care routine and set up a series of future appointments depending on your oral health and diet.

Maximizing your at-home care

Common oral health conditions in adults can include tooth decay (dental caries), gum disease, tooth wear, dry mouth, and tooth sensitivity. Decay in adults can be common around fillings and between teeth.

All adults can maintain good dental health throughout adulthood by adopting good oral hygiene practices and by having a healthy diet.

Common oral health conditions in adults can include tooth decay (dental caries), gum disease, tooth wear, dry mouth and tooth sensitivity.

Just a Beautiful &

Healthy Smile

Teeth whitening is one of the quickest ways to improve your smile. Many patients are amazed that one trip to DentiCare can change their teeth dramatically.

General Dentistry
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Dental Surgery
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Teeth alignment through our orthodontics branch.
Teeth Braces
You will be in the hands of our Highly experienced and professional Doctor
Is a popular procedure to make teeth whiter and brighter, and therefore more attractive
Teeth Protection
Periodic visits to your dentist plus teeth protection guidelines.
We take care of your prosthetic needs
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+1 678-264-3149

Call now

+1 678-264-3149

We’re a friendly team of dentists working together to ensure you receive the best treatment available.

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