Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment in Gainesville and Norcross,GA

Have you recently noticed your gums are bleeding when you brush or floss? Do your gums appear to be inflamed, tender or red? Experience chronic bad breath that you just can’t get rid of? You may be suffering from a common condition known as periodontal gum disease! At Dental Now 14 we understand how big of an impact gum disease can have on a patient’s smile, oral health and overall life and are proud to offer periodontal treatment for our patients interested in managing their condition. Not sure if you experience gingivitis or periodontal gum disease and need treatment? Feel free to contact Dental Now 14 today to schedule your appointment, we would be happy to evaluate your smile, gums and overall oral health to determine if you suffer from periodontitis and need periodontal treatment.

About Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal gum disease is a common oral condition that affects over 60 million Americans and is typically caused by a lack of proper dental care and poor oral hygiene. When patients fail to properly clean their smile, bacteria, plaque, acid and tartar can build up in the mouth, causing the gums to become inflamed and irritated. As the irritation is left untreated, it actually begins to cause damage to the gums, bone and supporting tissues in the mouth. Once the condition has advanced past gingivitis (the first stage of periodontal disease) it cannot be cured, symptoms will have to be managed for the rest of your life.

Why Periodontal Treatment?

Left untreated, periodontal gum disease can actually lead to loose teeth, tooth shifting, teeth misalignment and even tooth loss. We recommend treating periodontal gum disease as soon as possible to reduce your risk of these complications and avoid dealing with the condition for the rest of your life.

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Think you or a loved one may suffer from periodontal disease? Contact Dental Now 14 today to schedule your appointment, we’d be happy to determine if gum disease treatment is the best option for you and your oral health.

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