Partials and Dentures

Partial and Denture in Gainesville and Norcross,GA

Having a great smile is great for building confidence and feeling great about yourself. Therefore, if you’re missing some or all of your teeth, you might not feel the best. Not to worry, though! If you are missing teeth, you can always talk to Dental Now 14, about getting dentures, whether they’re a partial or a full set.

Dentures are a great replacement for your teeth that can be removed from your mouth when you need to. This makes cleaning them pretty easy. You might need some time to get used to wearing them, and they might not ever feel quite like your original teeth, but there have been so many advances in technology that have made them feel and look more comfortable than ever before.

There are two options when you’re looking into dentures. They can either be full sets or partials. Your dentist at Dental Now 14 can provide you with information that will make the decision on which to get much easier. You’ll have to consider the number of teeth that are in need of replacement and the amount of money you can afford to spend.

Full dentures are crafted using a flesh-colored acrylic. This is so they match your mouth. The acrylic base attaches to your gums when you’re wearing them. The upper denture is going to sit right up against the roof of your mouth and then bottom base will give you room for your tongue, so you can still wiggle it around.

Many people have gone to Dental Now 14 to get the impressions made by the dental team. These impressions are used by lab technicians to create your customized dentures. They come in different types, so make sure you talk to your dentist about what fits your needs the most.

Conventional full dentures are made to replace an entire set of teeth. Your mouth has to have time to heal before you can wear them, so prepare yourself for some time without teeth while the healing process completes.

There are also immediate dentures. Once all your teeth are gone, these are put in immediately. This is because they’re crafted from measurements taken by your dentist. You’ll have to make a follow appointment so you can make sure they’re fitting properly once your jawbone has healed.

Finally, there is partial dentures. These will set on a metal framework that is attached to any natural teeth that you might have.

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