Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Services in Gainesville and Norcross,GA

Emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient times. It can be even worse if it’s a dental emergency that requires specific treatment. At Dental Now 14, we can try to make room to see you if you don’t have an appointment and contact us during our regular hours. Give us a call even if our office is closed; we may be able to refer you to a trusted dentistry to get you or your loved one treated promptly.

What is a dental emergency?

Occasional oral pain is not uncommon, but more serious situations, such as trauma to the mouth or broken teeth, would qualify as dental emergencies which require treatment as soon as possible. You can identify a dental or oral emergency by asking yourself the following:

  • Is there severe pain or bleeding?
  • Has a tooth been lost that could be saved with prompt treatment?
  • Do you have a loose adult tooth?
  • Are there signs of an infection, such as fever, a foul smell, or swelling around the gums or face?

If any of these questions received a “yes” answer, you should seek prompt care from a dental professional.

What isn’t a dental emergency?

There are several cases that are actually less serious than patients may think. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth that doesn’t hurt and doesn’t have sharp fragments that could harm the soft tissues of your mouth, you can hold off on seeking treatment until regular office hours. In the case of a toothache, if the pain is not severe and you are not showing any signs of an abscess (bumps on the gums, swelling of the face, high fever), you won’t need immediate treatment.

A lost filling or crown can also wait for a few days until you can get an appointment with your dentist at Dental Now 14. Over-the-counter dental cement or denture adhesive can be helpful in those cases to make you more comfortable and/or to preserve the dental restoration until you can visit our office.

At Dental Now 14, our goal is to ensure your oral health. If you believe you have a dental emergency, give us a call and we’ll help you assess the situation and get you the treatment you need.

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