Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Gainesville and Norcross,GA

Decay is one of the main reasons individuals get treatment at their local dentist. Decay can cause a lot of problems to develop in teeth, including cavities and infections. Dental Now 14 provides patients with preventative care treatments to decrease the likelihood of decay forming and protect teeth from its harmful effects. Dental sealants are a great way to make sure your teeth have the protection they need to avoid damage due to tooth decay.

Why Use Dental Sealants

The surfaces of your teeth that are used to chew have grooves that can cause food particles to get stuck and decay to develop. They can be very deep and quite difficult to clean, allowing plaque to build up in these grooves and cause decay and bacteria to develop ad break down the enamel of teeth. This results in cavities developing. Fluoride dental sealants protect the teeth by covering grooves so that plaque cannot accumulate.

When to Use Dental Sealants

Sealants can be placed as soon as the surface of teeth have erupted from the gums. As long as sealants are applied to the teeth, they will be much less susceptible to decay. Children can get dental sealants applied to their teeth anywhere from the ages of 11 to 13, when their permanent teeth have erupted from the gumline.

How Are Sealants Placed?

Your teeth will first be cleaned thoroughly by a rotating brush to get rid of any stuck-on plaque. A solution will be placed on the teeth to roughen the surface of the tooth so that the sealant can be attached to the tooth. The sealant is applied and hardened by a curing light, however some dentists may not use a light for various reasons. Once it has been hardened, your teeth are back to normal and you can eat and drink as usual.

A dental sealant does not make it impossible to get cavities, so be aware of this and make sure to brush and floss your teeth each day. At Dental Now 14, you can get dental sealants and protect yourself from dental issues. Speak with a dentist in your area today for an appointment.

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