Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Gainesville and Norcross,GA

If your teeth are discolored or damaged, then come visit the dental professionals at Dental Now 14. We use dental bonding to enhance your smile and repair any teeth that have incurred trauma. Patients can look forward to a beautifully restored smile. At Dental Now 14, we use the latest dental technology available to ensure you get the best dental care possible.

What’s Dental Bonding?

The process of dental bonding involves using a composite resin. Your dentist will match the color of the resin to your natural teeth and then use it to fix any dental issues you may have; such as chips or fractures. Dental bonding is also used as an alternative to teeth whitening, as the resin looks like your natural teeth when it is applied and polished. It is a safe and quick procedure that can be done in just one dental visit, saving you time.

Uses of Dental Bonding

Bonding is done for a variety of reasons, and your dentist can help you determine whether or not it is right for you. Composite resin can be used to shape your teeth into many different looks, allowing you to have the smile that you desire. It is mainly done for cosmetic reasons but is also used to repair teeth when an injury or accident have damaged them.

The Process of Bonding Teeth

Your dentist will choose from various shades of composite resin, finding one that perfectly matches the appearance of your teeth. Once it is selected, the teeth will be prepared, and their surface roughened so that the resin can stick to the tooth’s surface more easily. A conditioner will be applied, and then the resin will be put onto the teeth and shaped. When the ideal shape and length has been achieved, your dentist will harden it using a UV light.

If you would like to improve your smile, contact Dental Now 14 today to schedule an appointment. Our dentists near you can make sure that your smile is bright, beautiful, and healthy for the rest of your life.

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