Aesthetic Veneers

Aesthetic Veneers

What are Aesthetic Veneers?

They are a cosmetic tooth or veneer made of thin porcelain that can be placed on the outside of the tooth. Its purpose is to correct cosmetic problems caused by fractures, dental discoloration, caries or previous restorations. The result is whiter, more uniform and more beautiful teeth. In Vital Dent the veneers have a leading technology fruit of years of research: its design, customized entirely to your tastes, is done by computer, with 3D technology.


What are the advantages of veneers and how are they placed?

The main advantage of aesthetic veneers is the look of your tooth.  They are made to correct the shape of the tooth, come in customized sizes, and are made to blend in with your other teeth perfectly. Making your smile look great!


Other advantages include its resistance, even comparable to the enamel of the natural tooth. The aesthetic veneers are fixed to the teeth thanks to a unique adhesive cement that allows a permanent fixation, of up to 15 years. Also, with the aesthetic veneers that we use in Vital dent, you will only need two visits * to the clinic to show a white, bright and permanent smile over time.


What do I expect at my first visit?

On the first visit, you will decide, together with the dentist, how you want your new smile to look. And it is necessary to take into account aspects such as the shape of the face, lips, skin color and gums. Also, we will take photographs of your face and the registers of the mouth to make sure that the design of your beautiful veneer is done to blend with your current look. With Vital dent aesthetic veneers, you will not get any surprises because they are based on a computer design that you will see before starting the treatment.


On the second visit, and in about an hour, we will place your new aesthetic veneers so that you look the smile that always.