Why Consider Having a Dental Exam before Valentine's Day?

Dental appointments have an important role to play in your overall healthcare. If it has been some time since you have had a dental examination the days before Valentine’s Day should encourage you to schedule an appointment with your dentist to have your oral health in prime condition for your Valentine. You wouldn’t want to begin a special day of the year with tooth decay, dental cavities, or bad breath would you? A dental exam is the best way for you to ensure you are not affected by any problem as it only requires your determination to visit the dentist.

You could perhaps wonder why you need an exam as you are maintaining your oral health in proper condition by brushing and flossing regularly and do not have any discoloration on your teeth. However, are you in a position to determine any problems that you are unaware of? Only a qualified dentist conducting a dental examination will be able to identify problems that you can’t and therefore the examination will be essential rather than just a requirement.

What Can You Expect at the Dentist’s Office?

If you are visiting a dentist for the first time you will be subjected to a brief initial exam to determine any obvious problems before turning you over to a dental hygienist for a professional cleaning. If you have any problems with your teeth your dentist will deal with the issues first before allowing the hygienist to proceed with the cleaning.

The initial exam will also include an examination of your mouth, teeth, and tongue and the dentist may also decide to take x-rays.

If you are confused about whether x-rays are needed you must understand that these images can spot areas of trouble and decay that are not visible during a routine examination. Tooth decay in between your teeth and around an old filling can be difficult to spot without x-rays.

The dentist will also be looking for signs of gum disease, health problems with your tongue and mouth, and oral cancer. The alignment of your jaws and your bite will also be examined to determine whether you have any orthodontic issues. You may believe that the variety of tests being conducted is unnecessary for Valentine’s Day. However, you must understand the dentist is looking forward to providing you long-term excellent oral and overall health and must, therefore, submit yourself to the examination.

What If Problems Are Discovered in Your Mouth?

If you have cavities, gum disease, or any other problem the dental professional will discuss the next course of action and explain the steps needed to improve the condition. Treatment options will also be offered to you by the dental professional.

The dental hygienists will perform a professional cleaning and provide you any dental tips you need. A professional course of brushing and flossing will also be provided to help you understand how you can remove food particles or plaque from between your teeth. The dental hygienist will ensure your teeth are clean and healthy and most importantly gleaming white for Valentine’s Day.

Finding a Great Dental Professional near You

You may be anxious about the dental exam and may not want to visit any dental professional around your place. As you are undergoing the exam for Valentine’s Day you will want to ensure you find a great dental professional that can put you at ease while performing the exam to your satisfaction. If you are concerned by the dental professionals are you we suggest you visit Dental Now 14 where you will get to meet Dr. Shamim Cyrus who has a charismatic approach to every patient in the practice of dentistry.

The moment you enter this clinic you will be confident that the examination will go forward without any hitches as this place is equipped to give you the best dental care possible. The dental office is acknowledged as being patient-centric and professional. Apart from dental exams they can offer you an entire range of services that will make you believe you should have contacted them much earlier to learn how you can maintain your oral health in better condition than you already are. As you have scheduled your appointment for the examination for Valentine’s Day you may as well expressed your gratitude to this clinic for the ease at which they complete the exam.

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