Visit Your Dentist Before Christmas: The Benefits Are Innumerable

Christmas holidays are fast approaching and preparations are underway. We know you have made all plans to make this a memorable Christmas break, but have you visited your dentist? Dental checkups tend to take the back seat this time of the year, despite them being important.

Remember, you will eat candy and cakes amongst other sweet foods that can significantly damage your teeth. With a dental exam and cleaning, the dentist will remove any buildup that may affect your gums and damper your holidays.

Why It’s Important to Have Dental Checkups?

Your oral and overall health are connected and a problem with one will affect the other. That’s why we recommend dental checkups at least twice a year and especially before the Christmas holidays. Here are a few benefits of getting a dental exam and cleaning:

1. Prevent dental decay and tooth extraction

Proper oral hygiene can eliminate and prevent plaque buildup. However, even with this, you can still miss certain places like the molars. Failure to clean the plaques completely can lead to bacterial growth which eventually causes tooth decay. Dental cavities not only weaken the teeth but can cause gum infection or worse still, tooth extraction. With professional dental cleaning, the dentist will clean off the bacteria before it becomes problematic.

Keep in mind that tooth extractions can damage your dental structure and leave missing teeth, creating the need for other orthodontic treatments. All this can be avoided with dental checkup and cleaning.

2. Remove stains and teeth discoloration

At times due to our diet and habits, our teeth can get discolored and only teeth whitening can rectify the problem. Although a variety of options are available, the in-office teeth whitening is the best choice. At Dental Now 14 we have the Smile Perfected™ whitening system that delivers the best results in 20 minutes.

Smile Perfected™ whitening system combines a whitening agent with an LED light technology. Unlike other types of teeth whitening options, the Smile Perfected™ does not cause tooth sensitivity.

3. Check for Oral Cancer

According to Oral Cancer Foundation, 53,000 Americans were diagnosed with cancer in 2019, and one person succumbs to oral cancer every hour, 24 hours a day. The irony is, oral cancer if detected early can be treated. As part of your dental checkup, we will do an oral cancer screening to check for any abnormal lesions.

Early detection of oral cancer can give you a fighting chance and reduce any further complications.

4. Prevent periodontal disease

When you have plaque buildup, they cause the gums to detach from the teeth and create deep pockets. These pockets if left untreated can further lead bacteria growth causing the gums to swell and get inflamed. With your dental checkup, we offer professional cleaning, scaling and root planning that treats periodontal disease.

It is vital to have your gums professionally cleaned to avoid the spread of the bacterial infection into the bloodstream and cause widespread inflammation.

5. Saves time and money on dental procedures

When you get regular dental checkups, the dentist will detect any dental problems early treat them on time. This will avoid any further complications that can require an oral surgery or other dental procedures that require both money and time.

What Can You Expect During Your Checkups?

During your dental checkup, the dentist will examine your teeth and gums for plaques and infections. A comprehensive medical history will be done if you are a first-time patient. Dental cleaning, scaling and root planning will be done, if need be.

How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene During Christmas

After your dental exam and cleaning, you need to maintain quality and oral health, and here are a few tips:

  • Take only sugar-free treats
  • Drink plenty of water to cleanse the mouth and increase saliva production that deposits minerals and rebuild enamel
  • Maintain your dental hygiene and make use of fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Protect your family’s teeth with mouthguards

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This Christmas, don’t let dental problems wear you down. Call us and schedule an appointment for a professional exam and cleaning. Our dental team will assess and discuss with you the best dental treatment.

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