New Year Resolution for 2020 - Get Your Teeth Examined

Your teeth need to be cleaned every six months but if for some reason you have been neglecting the cleanings it is suggested that you make a New Year’s resolution for 2020 to get your teeth cleaned immediately after Christmas. Are you wondering why it’s necessary to have a checkup after Christmas? The reason is simple. You would have enjoyed Christmas festivities with your family and friends along with the delicacies on the table. The rush during the week after Christmas wouldn’t have provided you the time or may even have encouraged you to forget certain things such as brushing and flossing. It simply means you are in urgent need of teeth cleaning from a professional to get your oral health back in prime condition.

If you want to keep your smile in great shape it is imperative that you need a dental exam regularly along with dental x-rays to avoid dental emergencies that can saddle you with expensive dental bills. Therefore it is suggested that you obtain an appointment with your dentist immediately after Christmas when he or she is likely to have fewer patients as many others would still be enjoying the festivities.

Why Have a Dental Exam after Christmas?

As mentioned earlier you would have enjoyed all the delicacies prepared in your home with your family and even helped yourself to additional stuff with your friends. You would have plenty of leftover food debris in your mouth as you would have neglected the need to brush and floss. The bacteria in your mouth would also be enjoying Christmas festivities as you have provided them with sufficient leftovers to feast on to leave behind mineral deposits known as tartar as plaque would already have developed in your mouth because of the improper care you were indulging in. Left alone to a feast by themselves the bacteria will soon create cavities in your mouth making it necessary for you to have fillings and other dental treatment. Under the circumstances, wouldn’t it be better for you to contact your dentist right away for an appointment to remove the harmful bacteria from your mouth in the early stages?

What Can Be Expected During the Dental Exam?

Your dentist is unlikely to be surprised by the buildup of plaque and tartar in your mouth immediately after Christmas. He or she would understand the position you were in and will, therefore, concentrate on providing you the remedy you are seeking to deal with the problem. The dentist will subject you to thorough teeth cleaning and dental exam. X-rays will be taken during the dental exam before the dentist removes the buildup of plaque and tartar in your mouth. You can also expect fluoride treatments to be provided as they are effective for battling cavities. If your teeth are misshapen, crooked or misaligned making them prone to cavities and decay your dentist may recommend additional treatment to you for straightening your teeth. This would require another appointment with an orthodontist who is the best person to handle such issues.

What Happens at the Orthodontist Office?

It is suggested that you research an orthodontist’s office that can provide you the treatment you need for straightening your teeth and is also reputed as being one of the better providers in town. You may believe you should have avoided Christmas festivities because you now faced with multiple bills for the dentists or orthodontist treatment. However, if your teeth are misshapen and need to be straightened you need to be prepared for some more expenditure for braces that will be suggested by the orthodontist. Thankfully if you visit Dental Now 14 you will receive all the treatment you want in a single place for affordable prices and may even begin to thank yourselves for choosing to visit your dentist immediately after Christmas. Who knows the dentist and orthodontist may even be generous enough to offer you some discounts for the new year making your visit beneficial not just to maintain and improve your smile but also leave your wallet in a healthy condition.

Do not make the New Year’s resolution to forget it on January 1, 2020, when you have feasted even more. The best time for having a dental exam and teeth cleaning is immediately upon the arrival of the new year and your New Year’s resolution should make it imperative for you to get the treatments until Christmas arrives again in 2020. However, you are recommended to visit your dentist every six months because it is the better method to keep your teeth looking clean and enjoying a healthy smile.

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